Wire ... why?
The Wired is a fanlisting dedicated to Nicky Wire, bassist and lyricist of Manic Street Preachers. Apart from considerations about his skills as a bassist, let's talk about other important aspects of his persona.
Wire has always been blamed for "speaking too much" or for saying comments that were out of place, out of order, and so on... in brief: he's been often described as a bizarre individual affected by a sort of "bigmouth strikes again" syndrome. Despite the fact some of his declarations could indeed seem exaggerated to someone, there's always been in Wire's words some sort of genuine anger that not everybody in his position would freely (and in some cases also na´vely) express. The same thing goes for songs he's written. There are few characters in the music industry that can actually write anything with a content, and Nicky Wire is one of them. He and Richey Edwards wrote some of the most brilliant lyrics ever, not just plain stupid "Yeah yeah yeah" lines or other embarassingly crappy banalities to make average teen-agers proud of themselves for buying some "deep" album (depth is not a nowadays value, anyways).
Some people said he's starting to be uninspired, that his latest songs are not as good as the older ones. Well, writers grow up too, they change way to express themselves. Maybe being interested in new topics or being less "angsty" for some means losing inspiration. Who knows, these people could be right. Or they could be wrong. Both if you like old or new Manics' songs, you can decide to join this fanlisting.
Plus, you must love Wire because he's stylish. Yes, this may seem an offence, but be careful: nobody here is saying "fashionable" or "trendy". Being stylish is a different thing. And he surely is, more than most women and/or men. That's perfect for rabid fangirls, in case my argumentations regarding music weren't enough to sound convincing.

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