Read the rules before applying, thanks.
  1. A website is not required to join. If you don't have a site, leave the space in the form blank, but provide a valid e-mail address.

  2. If you have a site, put the code in your webpage and link back to this site. If the code isn't there when I check your link, your URL won't be added (but your email will stay in the members list). Do not submit the URL if your site is still under construction and/or if you have no way to link back.

  3. Real country, please! No imaginary places, no cities etc... Only countries!

  4. No hate or offensive sites, no spamming or flaming among members.

  5. No direct linking! Upload the code to your webspace!

Remember that name, email and country are all required fields. If you leave them blank, you won't be added!



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