1. You must love the Pumpkins, better if they're one of your obsessions. Otherwise why would you join this clique?
  2. You must have a site to place the code. Doesn't matter if the site is personal, about the band, or about anything else. Being this a clique, you have to have the code up!
  3. You can adopt only one song from the list. It must be a Pumpkins song: not Zwan, not Billy or James solo, not Hole, not covers performed by the Pumpkins or whatever. Just Smashing Pumpkins songs are accepted.
  4. Think about the song to choose, because you won't have the possibility to change it later.
  5. You can't apply for songs which are already taken by other members.
  6. The code must be up when I check your page, or at least within the next few days.
  7. If you change url, email or anything else, send me an email with your name, new info and with "Change SP info" in the subject. If I check the site and the code is gone, you'll be deleted. Kinda obvious, right? :P

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