Yes, you're right: this is another useless, boring, silly clique. There are dozens around, so, unless you're a fan of the Pumpkins, you won't find it very interesting.

Am I right? Of course I am.

Why did I create this site then? Simply Because I love the Pumpkins and I wanted to pay my little tribute to them. And also because I haven't seen many Smashing Pumpkins cliques around the web. Adding to that, this ain't simply a S*P clique. This is a clique for adopting your fave Pumpkins' song!

*fangirl mode on*

Woo hoo! Cool, isn't it? :P If you're fan of the band from Chicago, you MUST join! C'mon, don't be lazy and join now! To apply, read the rules' page and then submit your form.

Warning: this site is dangerous. If you're obsessed by the Pumpkins, you'll find terribly difficult, if not impossible, to choose only one song. I know. Be patient and don't get mad at me for not letting anybody adopt all songs.
Cheers! *^.^*

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Last Updated: August 4 2003

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