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Pu is glad to see you here

This is a small list of my personal sites. I somewhat consider to be personal each site I make, but these are the sites that are about me, or about what I do. They're the ultimate expression of my web-narcissism.

My blog. Where I write down when I think I have something to say, from silly useless notes to general thoughts. I see it as a sort of trash can, since it's the site I use whenever I have any complaint or rant to express about myself. It's also the first site I've ever planned and created, before abandoning my old LJ. In a timeline, it surely has the first place.

Central Dogma
Another blog, shared with my sweetheart Harry. Being less "famous" than the other one, I use it when I feel like I have superfluous thoughts to post. Or when I have something I want Harry to read, maybe. Harry doesn't come often to post anyways, so it's basically a pretty static not-so-much-updated site.

My wallpapers archive. Contains a selection of my wallpapers from various genres (anime, videogames, music, miscellaneous).

Short Term Effect
My monthly playlist. I'm being quite lazy with STE, and it's a shame, because it'd be at least the demonstration of an effort to make other people listen to what I like the most. Sadly, I'm not good at mantaining such "social" sites, in which I have to give and others have to come and take away.

Corporis Fabrica
Nonsensical writings collection, for now mainly poems, in English. Just because I don't have a clear idea of what to do with them.

Bonjour Tristesse
A collection of writings (poems, short stories). Not the best ones, not the ones I love the most, although I kinda like some of them enough to still have them stored in my hard disk. In Italian.

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