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Manic Street Preachers - No surface all feeling

I've discovered my interest in music relatively later than average people. My father was a Beethoven-Bach-and-the-like addict and he used to despise any kind of music that wasn't in the same category as the mentioned names. It's like saying anything, with a couple of exceptions (Inti-Illimani and albums by Red Army's Orchestra). Pop and rock music was forbidden, not because that kind of music is immoral, but because "only idiots buy that crap". That was what my father used to tell me everyday... every single day. I couldn't buy a vinyl, a tape or whatever, without being insulted for my stupidity. Being a quiet kid, I just wanted to stay out of troubles, so I ended following my father's instructions. I grew up knowing nothing about "modern" music, but knowing more than average people of my age about opera, classical and so on (to not mention Inti-Illimani revolutionary hymns...).
Even if later than others, I finally had my chance to get in touch with other genres. At the beginning I was confused and I couldn't really tell which bands I liked. I found myself stuck for a couple of years, unable to tell which music I appreciated without feeling the sense of guilt in the depth of my heart. Just to make an example, I only could listen to music with headphones, when at home, to not piss my father off and mostly to not be pissed off myself with further explanations about my idiocy for listening to "stupid, useless songs". I must thank the vinyls collection of the brothers of one of my friends for giving me the means to know more and more. These guys and my friend introduced me to their faves, which soon became some of my faves ever too: The Smiths, New Order, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Stone Roses, just to name few of them. Thanks to some basics I soon began to develop my own taste with the passing of time. I started buying albums on regular basis, whenever I had extra money to spend, trying to not waste more precious time. My musical aknowledgement corresponds to my teens, so I guess, coincidences or not, music had an important role at that time, and shaped some aspects of my personality.

Since I cannot name every album I love (or that I used to love...), I'll try to name at least the bands and musicians that meant something to me.

x Akira Yamaoka
x Bauhaus
x Björk
x Blur
x Brian Eno
x Cibo Matto
x Claude Debussy
x Cocteau Twins
x Cousteau
x Current 93
x David Bowie
x David Devant & His Spirit Wife
x Depeche Mode
x dEUS
x Echo & The Bunnymen
x Geneva
x Igor Stravinsky
x Joe Hisaishi
x Johann Sebastian Bach
x Joy Division
x Kraftwerk
x Lou Reed
x Ludwig van Beethoven
x Manic Street Preachers
x Massive Attack
x Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
x Morrissey
x Muse
x New Order
x Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
x Nirvana
x PJ Harvey
x Pulp
x Robert Schumann
x Sex Pistols
x Smashing Pumpkins
x Sonic Youth
x Stereolab
x Suede
x Super Furry Animals
x The Clash
x The Cure
x The Jesus and Mary Chain
x The Smiths
x The Stone Roses
x The Stranglers
x The Velvet Underground (&Nico;)
x The White Stripes
x Tindersticks
x Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
x Zwan

Note: This is not the ultimate favourite music list. These are the names that came to my mind when writing the content of the page ;P

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