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Pu is quite amazing

x Stats

Name: Panuru
AKA: Pu, Psychopu, Pu-the-Owl, Owl

Age: 23
DoB: 9th May
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Sign: Monkey
Element: Earth

Hair: dyed black
Eyes: dark brown
Height: 165 cm
Blood Type: A -

Location: Italy
Language: Italian, English, French
Occupation: performing arts student+sleeper

Colour: black, grey/silver, white, dark red
Clothing colours: mainly black, grey, purple
Clothing style: ehrmm.. eclectic?
Pets: 4 cats
Instrument of choice: bass
Piercings: 5 left ear, 1 right ear, 1 nose
Food: whatever with ice-cream in it
Drink: Pina Colada, Diet Coke, Vodka

x Likes

self-control, decadence, incense, clever conversations, aesthetics, symbolism, poetry, silence, creativity, gloomy bears, doubts and certainties, collages, silhouettes, obsessions, enigmatic persons, nonsense, literature, destructiveness, celluloid, sunflowers, philosophies, youth, pissing people off, photography, daydreams, strong self-consciousness, epiphanies, eyeliner, beauty, nonsense, nihilism, glam, oracles, choosing words for their sound, blades, androgyny, sleeping, solitude, purity, myths, cats' elegant selfishness, colours, dolls, melancholy, sense of sublime, trees, the inexplicable, vintage, lilies, videogames, writing, dedication, slogans, bathrooms, vegetarianism, ambivalence

x Dislikes

misspellers, bigots, discos, panic attacks, manipulation, me, brainless patriotism, hamtaro hamster, people who pretend to know anything, leaders and followers, education system, crappy Hollywood flicks, psychologists, stomachaches, trendy whores, IQ tests, self-proclaimed artists, xenophobia, idolatry, tasteless idiots, greed, americanisation, gossip magazines, machism, hypocrites, wind, boys with beards and moustaches, lack of respect, violence, spiders, sense of impotence, people who always answer with a question, the power of numbers, mystifications, physics, spam, finding myself in front of a monitor at 6 am, exploitation, ignorance, intellectual wannabes, meat, summertime, running out of time, TV and pop stars, sappy love stories, attention seekers, stupidity

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