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Pu is operational

Even before buying a domain, I had this great desire to have a personal page, for no reason at all. Harry politely agreed to host my site, and I started building my first page ever. It was called Camera Obscura and it never officially saw the light, thanks God... The fact is: I wanted a collective but I had nothing to collect at that time. I had no sites, no abilities with graphics and web designing (despite all this, the finished page looked pretty good), no defined projects to host there. It was like building your home and having no furnitures.
Later I got my first domain and I had no intention to repeat the experiment of a personal collective. I had my blog, my unuseful sites, a general collective for all of them, but I still didn't want to "collect" anything about me outside my blog.
Then I got my second domain, and things started to be confusing. I decided to bring the collective project back, but I did want to change everything about it, starting from the name itself. From Camera Obscura (which anyway was a name I liked enough) to Fantasma.

Don't ask me anything regarding the name. I suck at picking names for my sites. Fantasma is Italian for "ghost" or "phantom", but it is also a term used psychoanalitic theories. I just thought it fitted the purpose of the site, being this a site about me and my "illusionary rÍveries". A site brought to life by a ghost who's daydreaming of illusions. Fantasma is the creator, and at the same time fantasma is the content the creator wanted to show. They're both non-existant elements in the same chaotic flowing of data.
The subtitle Terminal Ennui stands for my personal trademark: boredom. Boredom as an obsession and boredom as an illness, which can be terminal as many other illnesses, with the difference that boredom has no clear symptoms. It's only a state of mind that can influence every other aspect of your life, and when you finally decide you've had enough of it, it's too late, you're already in the terminal phase.

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