<!-- CONTENT --!> Not a Living Poem

Strategies undone
Falling like brittle hair
From the top of my head
Not on the floor, they just dissolve
Like decayed flowers into thin air

Every wish is mistake
Every line betrayal
Only crosses we've borne still burn
Within their obsessive hunger

Influence lies
On a worn out sofa
Like a delirious mannequin
Still waiting for resolutions

Now words are leaking in
Devouring discoloured paper hands
Just to satisfy pleasure
Our old sickening pleasure
No more truth is left behind

Scantier than ever
Your corner of my brain
Ripping off thoughs as they awake
Soaked in grey matter and malevolence

Heritage or self-indulgence
We're used to otiose casualties
Not seeking for remorse
Not wishing for more

Drop dead