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Ok folks, I know: rules are boring, but they're necessary to keep anything in order. Don't blame me for putting them here...
  1. You must love/admire Richey James Edwards.
  2. Provide a valid e-mail address.
  3. A website is not required to join. A link back is not absolutely necessary (members should be able to get in touch even if they don't like the idea of putting a code up), but it'd be nice if you linked EDecay. Both text links and codes are fine. Linking back means helping the communtity to grow and letting other Richey's lovers to join.
  4. Real country required! No imaginary places like "Underworld", "100 Acres Wood" etc... UK residents, please specify where in the United Kingdom you live (England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland).
  5. No hate or offensive sites, no spamming or flaming among members.
  6. No direct linking! Upload the code to your webspace.
If with the next update you can't find your name in the list, probably you're not respecting the rules.

Now you're ready to join!



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