is now Pu's primary domain and (partial) collective. Before owning this domain, I used to own only Kokuun.NET, that now has become my secondary domain. I received this domain as a gift from my dearest Harry on 2002-10-23 thru I've always wanted a .nu domain, just because, yes, .nu domains are stylish (and also because there's more names availability). I'm a vain person, really...

"Ambition, love and all the thoughts that burn
We lose too soon, and only find delight
In withered husks of some dead memory"

Notes & Credits

Version #3 of Demigod.NU featuring Nicky Wire from the Manics and quotes from Oscar Wilde's poem Desespoir.
Graphics created in Adobe Photoshop 7. Greatest part of the brushes used for this layout are mine. Other brushes are from these sites.

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Interesting story behind the lyrics of You're So Vain song

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